Jetsetfly Shares His Success Story That Led to Launching His Own Reputable NFT News Source

Neuro-marketer, Internet Entrepreneur, public speaker, and well-known internet icon JetSetFly shouldn’t be your average twenty-4-yr-old. Aside from being a multi-millionaire, he is rocking the internet and showing younger folks that the sky’s the limit to opportunities for progress by way of digital innovations.

JetSetFly is one of America’s most ingenious and influential marketers and entrepreneurs. In 2022, JetSetFly launched, the world’s leading NFT news site, which at present has over forty team members and an organization office located within the heart of Irvine, California. JetSetFly can be the co-founder of, the world’s leading news source of NFT alpha on the web. At, you get the latest news, market updates, and stories on NFTs, crypto, and blockchain tech. In addition, this is a community for NFT alerts, the latest drops, articles, podcasts, and events.

JetSetFly, also known as Josh King Madrid, turned involved with non-fungible tokens early before the NFT boom spike in late 2021 after being hired as a neuro-marketing consultant for three separate NFT manufacturers, the place he generated a collective $10 million dollars in NFT sales for his purchasers within 45 days of being first launched to the existence of NFTs.

«I am a professional Internet Marketer, and within the last six years, I’ve built multiple seven-figure firms and e-commerce manufacturers,» shares Madrid. «Nearly 14,000 clients later and my brands have now collectively generated over $20M in total online sales. I made my first $1 million dollars at age 19 after dropping out of college.»

Shortly after, JetSetFly decided to start investing into and trading NFTs and cryptocurrency as a side hustle. It wasn’t long before he realized that this side hustle wanted more ‘hustle’ than his main hustle! With the velocity of how quickly the NFT house was evolving, JetSetFly struggled to keep up with all of the newest updates about NFTs that were being posted online and talked about on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, TikTok, and all the other various news outlets.

By the point the «alpha» or one of the crucial helpful Information regarding NFTs finally acquired to him, it was always too late. The opportunity was already gone.

JetSetFly discovered that despite there being tens of 1000’s of NFT projects and millions of NFT owners, there was no reputable NFT news media or networking communities. In truth, many of the biggest NFT media pages at the time had been accepting a paid promotion after which passing shoutouts off as «legitimate news», when, in reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! JetSetFly knew that the NFT space would by no means survive long-time period unless this changed and fast.

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